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Knives & Blades

High quality knives and replacement blades for crafting, cutting or professional trade work. Available in a variety of styles and sizes at C.L. Jones.

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The BlueSpot 75mm One Handed Folding Knife features a stainless steel blade for increased durability and cutting power. The knife is easy to open and fold away the blade for increased safety.
These Stanley Snap-Off Blades are 18mm and have 7 snap-off segments.They are suitable for use with the following knives: STA010481, STA010418, STA010018, STA010280, STA010151.
The Stanley Tools Snap Off Blades are specially designed for intensive use and are 1mm thick. They have 6 snap-off sections and are suitable for use with the STA010820 and STA010486 25mm snap-off blade knives.
These Stanley Snap-Off Blades are 9mm and have 12 snap-off segments. They are suitable for use with the following 9mm snap-off knives: STA010475, STA010409, STA010095, STA010150, STASTTKQ109.
The Stanley 210199 fixed blade classic 199 knife features a zinc alloy body with a heavy -duty knurled surface for long life and good grip.
The over -lapping nose blade locking system provides safety in use. Supplied with 3 assorted blades.
These Stanley knife blades have carbide edges, which allow the rest of the blade to remain flexible. They are long lasting and very sharp.

Pack of 5.
STANLEY FatMax® Utility Blades are 20% stronger, 75% sharper and offer 2x more life than a traditional Stanley blade. They will fit most knives.

Supplied in a handy dispenser.
Folding lockback design fits easily in the pocket
Ergonomic, rugged design for heavy duty use
Retractable blade for safety and convenience
Instant blade change, no tools required
Internal blade storage for convenience
Knife can be retracted safely into the handle when not in use
All metal die cast aluminium construction that is solid, reliable and long lasting
Built in blade holder in the handle allows for quick access to up to 15 spare blades
Quick and easy blade change with brass wheel blade lock so no tools are required saving time
Magnetic nose holds the blade in place securely whilst it is being changed
Note: The blade has to be positioned correctly in the retracted position and then tightened using the centre screw. If the centre screw is too tight it prevents the blade from being extended or retracted. If it is loosened slightly the blade extends and retracts easily without any problem
Pack of 10 Stanley FatMax® Utility Blades

The Stanley FatMax® Utility Blades are 20% stronger, 75% sharper and offer 2x more life than a traditional Stanley blade. They are the first ever induction hardened blade with a new blade geometry that provides more blade edge. Resistant up to 35kg.
The Stanley Quickslide Sliding Utility Knife is a solid, reliable long-lasting knife. It's an all-metal knife with an easy no-tool blade change. The blade is pocked sized and has an easy push down and slide safety feature ensuring that the knife is accidentally extended. Takes standard Stanley blades; 11-911, 11-921, 11-983. Supplied as a single unit.

Features and Benefits:
Push down and slide safety feature - there for added safety so the the blade is not accidently extended.
Technical Specification:
Product Depth: 16mm
Supplied With:
1 x Stanley 0-10-810 Quickslide Sliding Utility Knife
A super heavy-duty knife with double notched blade location for added security. Used primarily by carpet fitters and most tradesmen.
Lightweight aluminium body combining ease of use and durability
Strong high quality brass wheel for efficient locking of the blade
Comfortable grip and no blade movement makes it safe
Used primarily by carpet fitters and tradesmen
Quick blade change
Overall Length: 175mm
Contains 3x Heavy Duty Blades
The STA028590 593OC Stanley Window Scraper 0-28-590 is designed to scrape excess paint from window panes. The Stanley scraper features a comfortable plastic handle and a detachable blade guard.
The Stanley Snap Off Blade is a high impact, high-quality tool. The blade outer shell is made of ABS plastic, which has high tensile strength and high resistance to physical impact. The multi-position slide button allows you to easily manoeuvre your blade to exactly the position that you want. It is easy to use and once slotted in place it is secure. When you have finished with the knife, you can slide the blade right back into the casing not needing to worry about injury or the blade getting damaged. The knife comes with a pocket clip for easy use.
Impact resistant, high-quality ABS plastic body. Rear body removes for access to blade carrier and snapping slot. Secure multi-position slide button. Pocket clip. Size: 9 mm blade.
The BlueSpot 10 Piece Utility Blades in a Dispenser are manufactured from high carbon steel for increased durability and cutting power. Suitable for use with all standard fixed blade and retractable utility knives. Includes handy plastic case for quick, convenient and safe storage. Includes 10 utility blades.
The BlueSpot Mini Folding Utility Knife with 10 Blades features a quick-change blade mechanism for fast and safe blade changes without tools. The knife also features a handy keychain for convenient carrying. Includes 10 mini utility blades in a container.
The BlueSpot Professional Folding Utility Knife includes one precision ground SK5 utility blade for increased cutting strength. Handle manufactured from zinc alloy for increased durability. One-handed locking button opens and folds away from the blade for increased safety. Also features a pocket clip for convenient carrying and easy blade change button. Suitable for use with standard utility blades.
The BlueSpot Soft Grip Hi-Vis Retractable Knife is manufactured from zinc alloy steel for increased durability, the knife also features a soft-grip handle. Thumb operated button allows the blade to retract for increased safety. There is also storage inside the handle for spare blades. Suitable for use with standard utility blades. Includes 1 utility blade.
The BlueSpot Soft Grip Retractable Utility Knife is manufactured with a zinc alloy steel body for increased durability and has a quick change blade mechanism for fast and safe blade changes, soft grip handle for increased comfort and retractable blade for increased safety. Features pocket clip for convenient carrying.
The BlueSpot Value Utility Knife is ideal for everyday use, it is manufactured from carbon steel and the thumb operated button allows blade to retract for increased safety. Suitable for use with standard utility blades and includes 1 utility blade.
Normex professional folding knife in stainless steel with belt clip and a lockable blade. Includes 5 blades.
The Ox Pro Heavy Duty Retractable Knife has a magnetic tip and firm grip handle with quick blade changing that accepts most standard utility blades with storage in the handle for the blade dispenser. 10 blades included.
The Ox Pro Fixed Blade Folding Knife is a retractable blade with 2 spare blades stored in the handles that can be quickly changed. The Ox folding Knife has a compact foldable design with a non-slip ergonomic grip.
Tough metal construction with rubber grip handle
Accepts most standard utility blades
Blade storage in handle
The Stanley 601 series are disposable craft knife, these are ideal for precision work on card, plastic, and for many craft applications.

The tapered plastic body allows precision blade control, and the blades are protected by a plastic guard to ensure safety and a longer life.
When the life of the knife has been reached you simply dispose of the knife in the correct re-cycling system, as the blades are moulded to the handle are not replaceable.
The Stanley STA210099 has a retractable blade and a grey painted die-cast metal frame. It is an ideal tool for Carpenters, Decorators, Artists or any small home DIY works. It has 5 different blade positions which can be controlled by a blade shifter. The variety in blade positions makes it perfect for cutting a variety of depths. The blade has an interlocking nose which firmly locks the blade in any of the 5 positions you need. Once you have finished with the knife the blade can then be full and safety retracted back into the frame. Supplied as a single unit with 3 spare blades.
The Titan retractable knife is ideal for precision cutting of the most flexible to the most resistant materials, such as paper, cardboard, plastic or leather.
The lightweight aluminium body has a strong brass wheel for efficient locking of the blade.
Supplied with 3 blades.